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Solid or Engineered Walnut Flooring

Walnut floors, whether or not it is engineered or solid, is a popular option and should you look at it is rich, dark color, it is readily seen why. In it's normal condition, walnut flooring currently has its own dark and refined characteristics which the completing procedure enriches. Using its distinctive sign of purple comprising subtly in its general colouring, walnut hardwood floors is a trendy flooring option whose appearance only improves with time.

Native to North America, walnut usually includes a rather regular grain but may, from time to time, include a more intricate grain pattern. Typically selected to enhance an inside that's crying out for a dark base color, walnut floors is offered in engineered or solid wood floors choices. Regardless of whether you are selecting walnut, or some other timber species for that matter, the selection between engineered and solid wood flooring will not affect the last appearance of your flooring.

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Our Favorite Hardwood Floor is Wide Plank White Oak


When we tell people we manufacture and market solid hardwood floors around 11.5" wide, they look at us as if we're crazy, especially if they're in the flooring industry. To most people, the broader the board the more inclined you are to have issues with cupping, gaps, etc.. We can thankfully say that our broad plank live sawn white oak is our trouble free hardwood floors alternative, and also the one where we receive the fewest complaints.

The live sawn method of sawing the boards makes it incredibly stable, minimizing cupping, openings, and squeaks if installed correctly. Obviously, all of these problems can occur in environments with extreme humidity changes but happens significantly less than other hardwood floors choices.

Because of the rustic appearance and feel of the majority of live sawn flooring you hardly notice cupping if it will occur. Whenever you have a hardwood floor with a smooth finish and a high …


Wood flooring is still a popular and valuable choice for homeowners, if they are building a new home or designing a house renovation. Aside from the wide array of wood species available for both hardwood and engineered timber floors, consumers should also choose the optimum colour for their property. For the latest in design and interior decorating test out the wood flooring colour styles for 2019 and choose a favorite.

Neutrals are constantly on fad, however, the simple, contemporary appearance of Scandinavian style has stayed in fashion for many decades now. Natural colored wood flooring, equally in prefinished and stained forms, complement this design perfectly. Natural for Modern Simplicity.

Designers recommend fitting your timber flooring into the furniture for an airy appeal and letting subtle shading differences add feel to the room. Natural hardwood flooring look fantastic in any room, from the dining and kitchen area to a family room or bedroom.

Gray for Strong Grains

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Everybody wants their home to appear stylish and tasteful, like most others. Therefore, among the things which you should keep in mind when making your home look good is its own flooring. It is one thing that all your friends and guests will detect when they visit your property.

It is better to select simple flooring rather than the flashy ones, the easier the floors, the more classier it will seem. Thus, choosing the hardwood flooring is the best option.

Hardwood flooring has been in vogue for a long time and will always be due to its elegant and sophisticated appearance. Now as time has passed and everything has gotten more modernised, hardwood too is available in trendy colors and colors.

Hardwood is very popular because of its long-lasting character. Since it is constructed from an eco-friendly material, hardwood has qualities which help to ensure that it doesn't negatively affect the environment.

If you're considering that spending a massive sum of money on hardwood is u…


The fashionable look of hardwood floors can add to the character and warmth of almost any room. The natural qualities of wood add a stunning visual look and depth that many other floor types attempt to copy. With the growing demand for hardwood flooring, producers are improving their variety to meet customer requirements. Nowadays, most manufacturers utilize superior construction methods to supply much better quality finishes.

Aside from the typical hardwoods (i.e. white oak, ash, maple and red oak) most producers provide glamorous hardwood species from across the world. These exotic hardwood floors provide homeowners an opportunity to share their personal decorating tastes with the assistance of exceptional looking flooring.

Having quite a few different hardwood floors available, it's sometimes hard to pick the best one to suit your requirements. Solid hardwood flooring are solid pieces of timber with groove sides, and come in either unfinished or pre-finished styles. They are g…


Among the primary concerns which many of those that want to install wooden flooring is how they are going to care for it properly, although people who are able to handle carpets surely must not face any difficulty in maintaining wooden flooring in good shape.

Obviously, after buying new hardwood floors, you'll want to keep it as pristine as possible for as long , and this should not be difficult as long as you follow a couple of steps and take a little extra care.

With hardwood floors, you want to ensure that you clean up any liquids spills as fast as possible, with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Implementing liquid spills for only a short period of time can lead to staining.

Placing protections under furniture will help prevent furniture from scratching hardwood floors, and mats placed at doorways and in locations where damage is most likely to occur will also help keep your new investment protected from injury.

Be certain you only use the cleaning products recommended for you by you…

Hardwood Sanding & Refinishing

Hardwood flooring is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Over time, floors can begin to look worn from everyday wear and tear, scuffs, stains, or scratches. Alternatively, many homeowners are just looking for a change in colour or a different sheen level. Fortunately, in most cases, your floors can be restored to their former beauty or even better with a complete resurfacing, sanding, staining and finishing process.

Sanding of the main floor surface includes a sandpaper and hand of an expert! It is important to be done by professionals because it may leave a very rough surface if the coarse paper is not the right one for this current floor type. With each sand with finer paper, you are removing and smoothing out the roughness of the wood and this is why we use really fine paper either. It really does make your flooring much more smoother, and easier to maintain. Our company provide our customers with a services as covering all aspects of sanding, gap filling, paint…