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Among the primary concerns which many of those that want to install wooden flooring is how they are going to care for it properly, although people who are able to handle carpets surely must not face any difficulty in maintaining wooden flooring in good shape. Obviously, after buying new hardwood floors, you'll want to keep it as pristine as possible for as long , and this should not be difficult as long as you follow a couple of steps and take a little extra care. With hardwood floors, you want to ensure that you clean up any liquids spills as fast as possible, with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Implementing liquid spills for only a short period of time can lead to staining. Placing protections under furniture will help prevent furniture from scratching hardwood floors, and mats placed at doorways and in locations where damage is most likely to occur will also help keep your new investment protected from injury. Be certain you only use the cleaning products recommended for you by