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Our Favorite Hardwood Floor is Wide Plank White Oak

WHY WE LOVE SELLING WIDE PLANK WHITE OAK HARDWOOD FLOORING When we tell people we manufacture and market solid hardwood floors around 11.5" wide, they look at us as if we're crazy, especially if they're in the flooring industry. To most people, the broader the board the more inclined you are to have issues with cupping, gaps, etc.. We can thankfully say that our broad plank live sawn white oak is our trouble free hardwood floors alternative, and also the one where we receive the fewest complaints. The live sawn method of sawing the boards makes it incredibly stable, minimizing cupping, openings, and squeaks if installed correctly. Obviously, all of these problems can occur in environments with extreme humidity changes but happens significantly less than other hardwood floors choices. Because of the rustic appearance and feel of the majority of live sawn flooring you hardly notice cupping if it will occur. Whenever you have a hardwood floor with a smooth finish and


Wood flooring is still a popular and valuable choice for homeowners, if they are building a new home or designing a house renovation. Aside from the wide array of wood species available for both hardwood and engineered timber floors, consumers should also choose the optimum colour for their property. For the latest in design and interior decorating test out the wood flooring colour styles for 2019 and choose a favorite. Neutrals are constantly on fad, however, the simple, contemporary appearance of Scandinavian style has stayed in fashion for many decades now. Natural colored wood flooring, equally in prefinished and stained forms, complement this design perfectly. Natural for Modern Simplicity. Designers recommend fitting your timber flooring into the furniture for an airy appeal and letting subtle shading differences add feel to the room. Natural hardwood flooring look fantastic in any room, from the dining and kitchen area to a family room or bedroom. Gray for Strong Grains Dubb