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Our Favorite Hardwood Floor is Wide Plank White Oak


When we tell people we manufacture and market solid hardwood floors around 11.5" wide, they look at us as if we're crazy, especially if they're in the flooring industry. To most people, the broader the board the more inclined you are to have issues with cupping, gaps, etc.. We can thankfully say that our broad plank live sawn white oak is our trouble free hardwood floors alternative, and also the one where we receive the fewest complaints.

The live sawn method of sawing the boards makes it incredibly stable, minimizing cupping, openings, and squeaks if installed correctly. Obviously, all of these problems can occur in environments with extreme humidity changes but happens significantly less than other hardwood floors choices.

Because of the rustic appearance and feel of the majority of live sawn flooring you hardly notice cupping if it will occur. Whenever you have a hardwood floor with a smooth finish and a high gloss, particularly in a dark floor, even the smallest cupping is quite noticeable. This produces the live sawn white oak an perfect hardwood flooring alternative for a cottage environment which will have more relative humidity changes than a normal home.

In a very dry environment, even hardwood floors as secure as our live sawn white pine can shrink. In a rustic wide plank hardwood floor, openings are almost expected and truly don't remove the overall look and appeal of this ground. In a traditional hardwood floor, particularly one having a dark stain, gaps in the floor are magnified. This is especially true with quite light woods such as walnut, hickory, and ash. If the floor has a stain, the tongues on the boards continue to be white and when the wood shrinks, this white tongue is exposed. This isn't an issue with natural floors but very noticeable when the wood is stained.

Of course, most people expect engineered hardwood floors to be our most difficulty free flooring option but it is not. Every time a solid wide plank live sawn white oak floor is dried out, it shrinks along with the worst case scenario is that you get some gaps between the boards. When a broad plank engineered floor is dried out, the surface wood layer shrinks and the plywood beneath doesn't. This leads to the surface to confirm and crack. As soon as we create the broad plank engineered flooring with a two-pass or distressed finish with a low sheen, these fractures are less noticeable, but are still there. With proper humidification these cracks should close up but will always be there.

Another reason why we have so few complaints using our wide plank live sawn white oak is because
of its rustic look. Clients purchasing this floor are anticipating a lot of character rather than a ideal floor. Wood is a natural product and there's not any such thing as a perfect flooring. In case a live sawn white oak floor gets dented or scratched, it adds to the character and allure of this ground. On a standard hardwood flooring using a perfectly smooth finish, the very same dents take away from the expression of the floor and are considered by most clients to be an issue requiring repair. These dents and scratches look especially bad on a floor with a dark blot and a higher gloss finish. So there you have it, those are the reasons why I'd much prefer to sell somebody wide plank reside sawn white oak than any other flooring.

Me- I don't receive complaints. People call to tell me how much they love their flooring that's extremely rewarding and music to my ears.

Builder- The builder does not have to be cautious when protecting the hardwood floor on the jobsite. With a standard hardwood flooring, it's similar to everyone working in the house is walking on eggshells. Installer- The wide boards and long planks make the installation faster and easier. If the installer drops a instrument on the ground or dents it , it only adds to the appearance. Face nails can be used a little bit more in certain areas because when filled properly, they will rarely be noticed.

Homeowner- Any ground, however hard the wood, is going to get dented and scraped. Together with our broad plank reside sawn white oak, these lumps add to the look or can easily be touched up so they aren't visible.


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